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New Website: is my gift to the town of Plains, Georgia. I've realized the need for it ever since I moved to town. So I've stepped up to the plate and offered my years of experience building websites, social media, magazine publishing and marketing as my gift to everyone in Plains—residents and visitors.

Plains Cottage is my homebase here in Plains, Georgia. And this is where the story begins.

I bought this historical property right in the middle of a pandemic in December 2020! It was then that I realized very little information could be found about this adorable town other than Jimmy Carter. When conversations about whether the town had a modern website, social media, and marketing focusing on every aspect of the town, the answer from many folks I chatted with was "not really."

I wanted this website to be meaningful and connect back to my original vision—to create a place where people could come and be inspired by something beautiful and where new experiences would expand on the historical people and landmarks already built here.

The cottage I bought has come to define this mission. Along with it is our 39th President Jimmy Carter who is also symbolic of our small town and its rich history, and I love having that tie to Plain’s past. So I know that any vision I have for expansion will include our town’s history, including something that could anchor my entire property. Hence the importance of my historical property butting up to the Lions Club where Jimmy attended meetings as well as played tennis. It is also next to the Carter's private compound.

I found that my Plains Cottage is one of the six oldest homes in Plains, Georgia.

The cottage’s historical charm isn’t the only thing I'm drawn to. The property holds a unique story of its 70 ft. chicken coop which is something old that I have plans for becoming something new—a story that resonates with me time and again.

Despite its needed repairs and peeling paint, Plains Cottage is a relic that I know has a bright future. I have a vision that our hard work and perseverance will go a long way into making this cottage and property a dreamy reality.

And now, I'm excited to give a purpose! I hope this website serves as an inspiring part of your Plains experience—one that as you scroll through allows you to pause, reflect, and behold the beauty of a place with such meaningful history but with new adventures ahead.

Check out our Events page for what's coming up next! #VisitPlains


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