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2023 UPDATE:  So ... let’s chat. Each week I was updating back in 2022 but, sadly, the lack of support from the town of Plains and its residents have made me put on the brakes here. While I know some folks are very kind, supportive, and patient, I’m very protective of my work and my own mental health. I will from time to time do some little website updates.  But I promise something special from my brand Plains Cottage because my besties who are waiting for some pretty cottage inspired designs will be rewarded. Thanks for understanding. ⁣ Founder & Creator, Melisa Kennedy, has presented conceptual plans to the Plains Lions Club at a recent meeting.  Along with sharing the history of her property, which is the inspiration for her books, and her future expansion goals in the area which include joint events with her Plains Cottage and Lions Club properties—now dubbed as the "Plains Cottage District" of town by her friends and Lions Club.

"We've needed something like this for a long time," says Mike Dominick, President of Plains Lions Club.

“Honestly, as an expression of her love for the town of Plains, and her desire to share her gifts of entrepreneurialism and creativity to the rest of the community is what Melisa is doing,” Plains Lions Club member, Edgar Yohe says.  "Kennedy's plan to bring new life and to connect the downtown and Plains Cottage parts of the town together, allowing for future growth and diversity of attractions are part of her multi-faceted business goals."


Having more online presence for all of Plains business owners, events, and attractions through aligns with Melisa Kennedy's mission.  

“I can confirm that we will be co-hosting our Sunday Market starting in June as well as other events — and our tentative plan is to do more by year’s end with a few surprise additions I have in mind,” says Melisa Kennedy.  "We will continue to bring you updates on this and everything else that's going on in this sweet town of Plains!"


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Advertising & Partnerships

Website, Social Media, & Newsletter

With rates starting at $15, you can connect with our audience that's unique and professionally done.  Contact Melisa for more information.

Launched in May 2022, the site and social media has already grown exponentially. Everything is updated with new posts and is widely popular with Plains residents and tourists. is part of BMK Publishing, LLC, a multimedia group of books, magazines, and informational websites focused on delivering high-quality content and excellent user experiences.

Melisa Kennedy

Melisa is the owner and Executive Editor of She

has been a multimedia publisher, website + graphic arts designer, author, and entrepreneur for over 25 years. 


Her resume includes being a former public school teacher, piano teacher, organic cosmetics company owner, travel magazine publisher, food critic, and performing arts studio owner.

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