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For those that have been asking about "haunted” relics and toys, here we got one that came from a person close to us, and there’s definitely “something” going on with this one.  It's a vintage Pillsbury Dough Boy doll in vintage condition.


It was owned by a toddler who had a near death experience at the age of 2.  At some point it made it's way into the toddler's hands near the time of this NDE. It has been put away for nearly 40 to 50 years. We haven’t had the heart to sell it until now.  And we can’t tell you if it’s gonna jump off the shelf in your house or not, but here it is.. measures approx 7.5” tall ... and as with the usual hunted items.. NO RETURNS!!

'Haunted' Vintage Toy, Pillsbury Dough Boy

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